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TL Series

Sharp and aggressive, this series features the super turbocut design that includes raker tooth for debris remocal during the cut. The blades are precision ground, Marquench hardened, and the teeth are impulse hardened to prove the longest lasting sharpness available. The curvature ground blade is slightly thicker at the top and teeth for strength and thinner in the middle to avoid binding during the cut. The blade locks in 2 different positions to give you the best possible angle. Available in three lengths: 16", 17", 18". All models include a scabbard to protect the blade (and you!) when the saw is not in use.
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Our Price: $69.48
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Our Price: $83.80
ARS 16" Super Turbocut Saw ARS 17" Super Turbocut Saw ARS 18" Super Turbocut Saw