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The ultimate hand pruner! Blades open quickly and easily with a simple squeeze of the handles! The ARS signature heavy duty hand pruner features precision ground, Marquench hardened blades that start razor sharp and hold their edge longer than any of the competitors. The blades are hard chrome plated for superior rust and sap resistance. Blade is offset at an angle to maintain natural hand strength and minimize fatigue for those all-day pruning jobs. The new "VSX" series also features a centerbolt plate on the back of the blade designed to maintain the optimal torque and help reset the torque properly. Anchored spring won't jump out at you! Blades are replaceable and can be resharpened (but you probably won't need to for quite a while!)

For optimal benefits, fit the pruner to your hand size. Available in 7" for smaller hands, 8" for regular, and 9" for very large hands.

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SP-VS7X1 Replacement Blade Set for HP-VS7XZ SP-VS8X1 Replacement Blade Set for HP-VS8XZ HP-VS7XZ
Our Price: $51.49
Replacement Blade set for HP-VS7XZ Pruner Replacement blade set for HP-VS8XZ, HP-VS8XR pruners ARS 7" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Designed for smaller hands.
Our Price: $53.09
Our Price: $58.08
Our Price: $61.19
OUT OF STOCK - Expected 5/31/21
ARS 8" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Perfect for regular sized hands.
ARS 9" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Made for larger hands.
OUT OF STOCK - Expected 3/19/2021
ARS 8" Rotating Heavy Duty Pruner

Made for most hands.
Our Price: $67.98
ARS 9" Rotating Heavy Duty Pruner
Made for larger hands.