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SP-LA452 Stop Screw for LR, ZF Pruners SP-LA235 Rod Holding Disc SP-LA259 Screw Set to attach blade to rod
SP-ZR414  Nut Cap for Handle SP-ZR339 Sleeve for Handle SP-LA264 Rod End Cap
SP-LA264 Rod End Cap
Our Price: $6.46
SP-LA446 Rod Set for 4' LR Units SP-LA447 Rod Set for 6' LR Units SP-LA448 Rod Set for 7' LR Units
SP-ZR349 Handle Lever Only SP-LA449 Pipe for 4' LR series SP-LA450 Pipe for 6' LR series
SP-LA451 Pipe for 7' LR series SP-180L1 Razor Edge Blade Set
Do you have an "L" or "LR" series pruner? Note: These pruners do not telescope. First, check the blade. Does it lean when it exits the tube? Then it is either the "L" or "LR" series. The easiest way to determine which is to check the handle. If the  handle is completely orange or red, then it is the L-series.  If the handle is silver with red inset, it is an LR series.