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SP-EXP120 End Cap for Inner Pipe SP-EXP119 End Cap for Pipe SP-EXP115 End Cap for Lower (Outer) Pipe
SP-EXP111 Plastic Guide Pieces for Extension Poles SP-EXP113A Stopper Set for Middle Pipe SP-EXP113B Stopper Set for Middle Pipe
SP-EXP113D Stopper Set for Middle Pipe SP-EXP114  Stopper Set for Lower(Outer) Pipe of EXP SP-EXP104 Top (Inner) Pipe for for SC-EXP55
SP-EXP116 Middle Pipe (B-Pipe) for SC-EXP45 SP-EXP103 Middle Pipe for for SC-EXP55 SP-EXP112 Lower (Outer) Pipe for SC-EXP45 (Special Order)
SP-EXP102 Lower (Outer) Pipe for for SC-EXP55