Why do ARS saws cut on the pull stroke?

ARS saws are specifically designed to cut on the pull only. ARS actually invented the tri-edge tooth design that is so popular throughout the world today. The teeth are precision ground to have 3 edges each. These edges work together to make the quickest, easiest, and cleanest slice through the wood. Studies indicate that using an ARS pull saw is up to 70% more efficient than a conventional push-pull saw. Also, since most injuries occur on the push stroke, it is safer to cut on the pull. Perhaps best of all, the results when using the ARS pull saw are smooth and clean - better for the tree! It takes a few strokes to get used to the motion if you have never used a pull saw, but once you have you will never settle for anything less than ARS saws!

Easier, Safer, Faster, Smoother. That's why ARS saws cut on the pull!