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VSX-Series 120 Series 300 Series
Signature ARS heavy duty hand pruner. See why people everywhere are making the switch!

120 Series
ARS 8" precision hand pruners

300 Series
ARS needlenose fruit pruner, ideal for general harvesting and pruning.

120S Series 310 Series 130 Series
120S Series
Heavy duty traditional Japanese pruners with drop forged blades.

310 Series
Curved tip fruit pruners for precise cuts while protecting nearby fruit and foliage.

130 Series
Super lightweight and super sharp, these 7" pruners are available in a variety of colors.

SE Series 140 Series CB Series
SE Series
ARS resin handled fruit pruners with replaceable blades.

140 Series
Multi-purpose shears with long straight blade for crowded applications.

CB Series
ARS heavy duty pruners with FRP slip resistant handles and optional rotating handle.

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HP-VS8XR ARS Signature Series - Regular Rotating Handle HP-VS9XZ ARS Signature Series - Large HP-VS7XZ ARS Signature Series - Small
ARS 8" Rotating Heavy Duty Pruner
Made for most hands.
ARS 9" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Made for larger hands.
ARS 7" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Designed for smaller hands.
HP-VS8XZ ARS Signature Series - Regular HP-VS9XR ARS Signature Series - Large Rotating Handle HP-140DX ARS 7" Shears
HP-140DX ARS 7" Shears
Our Price: $31.86
ARS 8" Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
Perfect for regular sized hands.
ARS 9" Rotating Heavy Duty Pruner
Made for larger hands.
ARS multipurpose pruning shears with straight blade
HP-140LDX ARS 8" Shears HP-120DX ARS 8" Pruner HP-120S8 ARS 8" Traditional Japanese Pruner
HP-140LDX ARS 8" Shears
Our Price: $39.05
HP-120DX ARS 8" Pruner
Our Price: $41.07
ARS Multipurpose Shears - Longer Blade ARS 8" Precision Pruner, V-Spring
Perfect for Roses! This lightweight heavy duty pruner will gently handle your toughest jobs.
ARS 8" Traditional Japanese Heavy Duty Pruner
Featuring Drop Forged blades and a Japanese style v-spring.
HP-120EU ARS 8" Pruner HP-300L ARS Needlenose Snips HP-300LDX ARS Stainless Needlenose
HP-120EU ARS 8" Pruner
Our Price: $33.39
ARS 8" Hand Pruner
Smooth powerful cutting action with conventional spring and thumb lock.
ARS Needlenose Pruner
The original ARS fruit pruner - accept no less!
ARS Stainless Steel Needlenose Pruner
Needlenose fruit pruner with stainless steel blades.
HP-310 ARS Curved Blade Snips HP-310BL Curved Blade Snips - Blue Handle HP-310DX ARS Stainless Snips
ARS Curved Blade Pruner
Helps ensure you cut only what you intend to!
ARS Curved Blade Pruner
The popular curved tip pruner is also available with blue handles.
ARS Curved Stainless Steel Pruner
Stainless steel blade is rust and stain resistant!
HP-SE30 ARS SE Bypass Snips HP-SE45 ARS SE Needlenose Snips HP-SE65 ARS Long Blade Snips
ARS Stainless Steel Bypass Pruner
Small bypass pruner for quick easy cuts.
ARS Stainless Steel Needlenose Pruner
Needlenose pruner for reaching deeper into tight spots.
ARS Onion Scissors
Longer blade is ideal for grasses and onion blades!
HP-300SS ARS Short Snips HP-130DXV ARS 7" Pruner - Violet HP-130DXI ARS 7" Pruner - Ivory
HP-300SS ARS Short Snips
Our Price: $15.55
ARS Shortnose Pruner
Extra control for precision accuracy
ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner - Violet ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner - Ivory
HP-130DXP ARS 7" Pruner - Pink HP-130DXY ARS 7" Pruner - Yellow HP-130DXR ARS 7" Pruner - Red
ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner - Pink ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner - Yellow ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner - Red
HP-140DXV ARS 7" Shears - Violet HP-140DXI ARS 7" Shears - Ivory HP-140DXP ARS 7" Shears - Pink
ARS Multipurpose Shears - Violet ARS Multipurpose Shears - Ivory ARS Multipurpose Shears - Pink
HP-140DXY ARS 7" Shears - Yellow HP-140DXG ARS 7" Shears - Green HP-140DXR ARS 7" Shears - Red
ARS Multipurpose Shears - Yellow ARS Multipurpose Shears - Green ARS Multipurpose Shears - Red