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330HN Series 320 Series 340H Series
ARS Signature Scissors
Unbelievably sharp and engineered to stay sharp longer!

ARS Cultivation Scissors
Slim blades are perfect for propagation!

ARS Signature Scissors with Longer Blade
A longer blade version of the 330H series.

Specialty FL Series Textile Shears
ARS Specialty Shears
When you need just the right tool...
ARS Floral Shears
Stainless steel blades and comfortable cushions make these ideal for floral design.

Textile Scissors
For fine embroidery or cutting cloth, ARS scissors offer unbeatable sharpness that lasts.

ARSuper Scissors GT Floral Shears
ARSuper Scissors
Special steel alloy designed for cutting organic yarn super fiber, and other material that is too hard to cut with ordinary scissors.

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SS-320BT Carbon Harvesting Scissors, Straight Blade SS-320BM Carbon Harvesting Scissors, Angled Blade SS-330HN ARS Signature Scissors
ARS Bonsai and Fruit Scissors ARS Bonsai and Fruit Scissors - Angled Blade ARS Signature Scissors
These softbow scissors are perfect for almost any task inside the house or outside in the garden!
SS-330HN-G ARS Signature Scissors - Green SS-330HN-V ARS Signature Scissors - Violet SS-330HN-P ARS Signature Scissors - Pink
ARS Signature Scissors - Green ARS Signature Scissors - Violet ARS Signature Scissors - Pink
SS-330HN-W  ARS Signature Scissors - White SS-330HN-Y ARS Signature Scissors - Yellow SS-330HN-R ARS Signature Scissors - Red/Black
ARS Signature Scissors - White ARS Signature Scissors - Yellow ARS Signature Scissors - Red/Black
SS-3000 Scissors with Serrated Edge SS-380 ARS LongReach Bonsai Scissors SS-320DXM Stainless Harvesting Scissors, Angled Blade
ARS Serrated Edge Stainless Scissors
ARS Long Reach Bonsai Scissors ARS Fruit and Bonsai Scissors, Angled Blade, Stainless Steel
SS-320DXT Stainless Harvesting Scissors, Straight Blade SS-350T SSK-1294 GT Floral Shears
Our Price: $25.48
SSK-1294 GT Floral Shears
Our Price: $26.04
ARS Fruit and Bonsai Scissors - Stainless Steel Straight Blade with Wire Notch
By-Pass Floral Shears
SS-316 Floral Wire Snips SS-340HT ARS Signature Scissors Long Blade SS-FL16 ARS 6" Floral Scissors
SS-316 Floral Wire Snips
Our Price: $26.36
ARS Floral Wire Cutter ARS Signature Scissors with Longer Blade ARS Floral Scissors, 1 3/4" Blade
SS-FL18 ARS 7" Floral Scissors SS-526A ARS Tailor Shears SS-U600
SS-526A ARS Tailor Shears
Our Price: $65.70
Our Price: $93.98
ARS Floral Scissors, 2 1/4" Blade ARSuper Textile Scissors ARS Japanese Hedge Trimming Shears, Short Blade
SSK-N207 GT Topiary Shears SS-U600L SS-NH11ARS Kevlar Mini Snips
SSK-N207 GT Topiary Shears
Our Price: $105.13
Our Price: $117.41
Topiary Shears ARS Japanese Hedge Trimming Shears, Long Blade ARS Kevlar Mini Snips
SS-370 ARS Kevlar Craft SS-526H ARS Kevlar Eaters
SS-370 ARS Kevlar Craft
Our Price: $259.92
SS-526H ARS Kevlar Eaters
Our Price: $663.14
ARSuper Kevlar Craft Scissors
ARSuper "Kevlar Eater"