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Hickok Loppers VACA Loppers ARS Loppers
Hickok Loppers
Professional Orchard and Vineyard Loppers with extra deep hook and onset to hold limbs firmly in place.

VACA Loppers
Heavy Duty Loppers with 2.5" Cutting Capacity

ARS Loppers
Orchard and Vineyard loppers from ARS with forged blades and smooth action.

ARS LongReach Loppers Ratchet Loppers
ARS LongReachTM Loppers
Long neck lets you reach in deep or up high!

Ratchet Loppers

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LP-22M LPC-620 20" Hickok Vineyard Lopper LPC-624 24" Hickok Vineyard Lopper
Our Price: $65.48
ARS 21" Vineyard Lopper Hickok 20" Vineyard Lopper
Hickok 24" Vineyard Lopper
LP-22L LPC-4922A 27" VACA Lopper LPC-4926A  32" VACA Lopper
Our Price: $71.19
LPC-4922A 27" VACA Lopper
Our Price: $79.22
LPC-4926A 32" VACA Lopper
Our Price: $81.37
ARS 25" Vineyard Lopper VACA 27" Heavy Duty Lopper
2.5" Cutting Capacity
VACA 32" Heavy Duty Lopper
2.5" Cutting Capacity
LPC-428 28" Hickok Lopper ARS Signature Loppers LPC-432 32" Hickok Lopper
LPC-428 28" Hickok Lopper
Our Price: $83.18
LPC-432 32" Hickok Lopper
Our Price: $86.39
Hickok 28" Tree Lopper ARS 19" Vineyard Lopper Hickok 32" Tree Lopper
ARS Signature Loppers ARS Signature Loppers LPC-436 36" Hickok Lopper
LPC-436 36" Hickok Lopper
Our Price: $94.37
ARS 25" Orchard Loppers ARS 31" Orchard Loppers Hickok 36" Tree Lopper
ARS Signature Loppers LP-18515 5' Lopper LPG 5032 Forest Devil Power Lopper
LP-18515 5' Lopper
Our Price: $132.81
ARS 30" Vineyard Lopper ARS 5 ft. LongReach&trade Tree Lopper
Forest Devil Power Ratchet Lopper
LP-18518 6' Lopper LP-A30L ARS Anvil Lopper
LP-18518 6' Lopper
Our Price: $137.66
LP-A30L ARS Anvil Lopper
Our Price: $143.80
ARS 6 ft. LongReach™ Tree Lopper
ARS 32" Anvil Tree Lopper