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ARS LongReach™ Pruners are in a class by themselves at the top in the long reach pruner industry. The pruners are all super lightweight built with sturdy and durable aluminum construction, and topped with the famous ARS blades that slice easily through branches. Consider these as "a pruner on a stick". They allow you to keep your feet on the ground while pruning up high!
ZF Series Long Reach Pruners ZR Series Telescoping ZR Series Fixed Length
Extendable pruners telescope to different lengths for different heights.
Extendable pruners telescope to different lengths for different heights.
Drop forged blades and die-cast aluminum handle in a lightweight fixed length pruner.
LR-Series R-Series
Heaviest Duty Pruners - cut larger branches.
The lightest weight units - ideal for all day use!
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LA-15006 2' Rose Pruner LA-160R06 2' R Cut&Hold LA-160R035 1' R Pruner
LA-15006 2' Rose Pruner
Our Price: $64.66
LA-160R06 2' R Cut&Hold
Our Price: $69.93
LA-160R035 1' R Pruner
Our Price: $73.01
ARS 2 ft. Rose Pruner
Ideal for all those "thorny" situations!
Cut & Hold 2' Pruner
Cut & Hold 1 ft. Pruner
LA-180R12 4' R Razor Edge LA-160R12 4' R Cut&Hold LA-160R18 6' R Cut&Hold
LA-180R12 4' R Razor Edge
Our Price: $82.41
LA-160R12 4' R Cut&Hold
Our Price: $84.86
LA-160R18 6' R Cut&Hold
Our Price: $95.06
Razor Edge 4' Pruner
Cut & Hold 4' Pruner
Cut & Hold 6' Pruner
LA-180R18 6' R Razor Edge LA-180LR12 4' Heavy Duty LA-180LR18 6' Heavy Duty
LA-180R18 6' R Razor Edge
Our Price: $95.06
LA-180LR12 4' Heavy Duty
Our Price: $102.46
LA-180LR18 6' Heavy Duty
Our Price: $108.52
Razor Edge 6' Pruner
4' Length 6' Length
LA-190ZR18 6' ZR Shearing Head LA-180ZR18 6' ZR Razor Edge LA-180LR21 7' Heavy Duty
LA-180LR21 7' Heavy Duty
Our Price: $119.11
6' ZR Shearing Head Pruner 6' ZR Razor Edge Pruner 7' Length
LA-160ZR18 6' ZR Cut&Hold LA-180ZR203 4'-7' Razor Edge LA-180ZF305 6'-10' Razor Edge
LA-160ZR18 6' ZR Cut&Hold
Our Price: $121.67
6' ZR Cut & Hold Pruner Razor Edge Head, 4'-7' Length
Razor Edge Head, 6'-10' Length
LA-160ZF203 4'-7' Cut&Hold LA-160ZF305 6'-10' Cut&Hold LA-190ZR315 6'-10' Shearing Head
LA-160ZF203 4'-7' Cut&Hold
Our Price: $136.91
Cut & Hold Head, 4'-7' Length
Cut & Hold Head, 6'-10' Length
Shearing Head, 6'-10' Length