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Master Gardener Tools

Traditional Japanese tools designed to make your job easier! From the best-selling hori-hori (translates to "dig dig") to the handy weeding sickle, these tools are sure to please and delight any serious gardener.
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KNK-SK511A Broad Trowel KNK-SK512D V-Tip Trowel SS-330HN ARS Signature Scissors
Our Price: $14.02
Our Price: $14.02
Our Price: $17.33
Sharp Edged Broad Hand Trowel
Sharp Edged V-Tip Hand Trowel
ARS Signature Scissors
These softbow scissors are perfect for almost any task inside the house or outside in the garden!
KNK-DA1 Classic Carbon Hori-Hori KNK-MT215 Sankaku-Kuwa Triangle Hoe KNK-MT211 Nejiri-Kama Weeding Sickle
Our Price: $18.84
Our Price: $18.99
Our Price: $19.46
GrowTech Carbon Tool Steel Hori-Hori
The essential tool for gardeners!
With sharpened edges for faster, easier work!
Nejiri Kama - Weeding Sickle
The perfect weeding tool!
GT Noko Kama Grass Sickle Katate-Kuwa Combination Hoe KNK-KURO Stainless Hori-Hori, Rubberized Grip
Our Price: $24.04
Our Price: $25.04
Our Price: $28.05
GrowTech Noko Kama Grass Sickle
Ideal for cutting grasses!
Ideal for clearing wild beds!
GT KURO Stainless Steel Hori-Hori
The essential tool for gardeners with rubberized comfort grip!
KNK-SK0008 Long Handled Trowel KNK-HTS1426 Sukima Kama Concrete Sickle Kinoko Kama Long Reach Sickle
Our Price: $32.16
Our Price: $37.65
Our Price: $39.90
Long Handled Forged Trowel
Razor sharp edges make digging easier, and the extra reach can be a real back saver!
Sukima Kama - Concrete Joint Weeding Sickle
This joint sickle makes it possible to weed between concrete blocks and next to concrete structures!
KINOKO KAMA - Long Reach Sickle
3 ft. Long Sickle provides extra reach!
KNK-AZ302C Naifu Shukaku
Our Price: $40.05
Our Price: $67.40
Sharpened Long-Handled Half-Moon Hoe
Naifu Sukaku - Professional Harvesting Knife
Strong and seriously sharp cleaver style blade is ideal for thicker fibrous stalks!