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ACG-RTS Thorn Stripper SSK-1294 GT Floral Shears SS-316 Floral Wire Snips
ACG-RTS Thorn Stripper
Our Price: $16.88
SSK-1294 GT Floral Shears
Our Price: $26.04
SS-316 Floral Wire Snips
Our Price: $26.36
Thorn Stripper By-Pass Floral Shears ARS Floral Wire Cutter
SS-FL16 ARS 6" Floral Scissors SS-FL18 ARS 7" Floral Scissors HP-130DX ARS 7" Pruner
HP-130DX ARS 7" Pruner
Our Price: $31.86
ARS Floral Scissors, 1 3/4" Blade ARS Floral Scissors, 2 1/4" Blade ARS General Purpose Hand Pruner
HP-140DX ARS 7" Shears HP-120DX ARS 8" Pruner LA-15006 2' Rose Pruner
HP-140DX ARS 7" Shears
Our Price: $31.86
HP-120DX ARS 8" Pruner
Our Price: $41.07
LA-15006 2' Rose Pruner
Our Price: $65.98
ARS multipurpose pruning shears with straight blade ARS 8" Precision Pruner, V-Spring
Perfect for Roses! This lightweight heavy duty pruner will gently handle your toughest jobs.
ARS 2 ft. Rose Pruner
Ideal for all those "thorny" situations!