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ARS Hedge Shears GT Hedge Shears Topiary Shears
ARS Superlight Hedge Shears
Razor sharp, super light, and super smooth scissor-like action leaves shrubs and hedges perfectly shaped.

GT Hedge Shears
Designed for heavy duty jobs, these hedge shears feature specially hardened centerbolts to avoid spreading.

Topiary Shears
These sharp, strong, and quick shears fit in your hand for ultimate control in shaping and shearing!

ARS Traditional Trimming Shears
ARS Traditional Trimming Shears
Superior quality garden shears used traditionally for pruning and thinning pine.

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HS-K800R ARS Hedge Shears HSK-372 GT Shears - Short HS-K900Z ARS Telescoping Hedge Shears
HS-K800R ARS Hedge Shears
Our Price: $69.14
HSK-372 GT Shears - Short
Our Price: $77.96
ARS Superlight Short Handle Hedge Shears GT 23" Ultimate Hedge Trimmer
ARS Telescoping Hedge Shears
HSK-375 GT Shears - Long SS-U600 SSK-N207 GT Topiary Shears
HSK-375 GT Shears - Long
Our Price: $83.37
Our Price: $93.98
SSK-N207 GT Topiary Shears
Our Price: $105.13
GT 28.5" Ultimate Hedge Trimmer
ARS Japanese Hedge Trimming Shears, Short Blade Topiary Shears
SS-U600L HS-KR1000 ARS Superlight Hedge Shears HSK-N226 GT Utlimate Hedge Shears
Our Price: $117.41
ARS Japanese Hedge Trimming Shears, Long Blade ARS Superlight Hedge Shears
GT Deluxe 28" Ultimate Hedge Trimmer